Authorities: Father kills Kids in murder-suicide

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas — A nightmare unfolded inside a home decorated for the holidays Saturday afternoon.

Police say that’s where a father fatally shot his children, then turned the gun on himself. His son was eight, along with his daughter was five years. Police called 911 and state.

“It’s just so awful, the holidays are extremely stressful for everybody, but this is such a catastrophe,” said Carissa Katekaru, North Richland Hills Police spokeswoman.

“Two kids right here at Christmas time, that’s tough,” said neighbor Karen Banner, who awakened to ambulances and police cars following door.

“I only feel sorry, sorry for the entire family, it is dreadful,” said a neighbor, Denise Albino.

The principal question police are attempting to find out would be “why?” They are interviewing the child’s mother.

“It’s very, very difficult on us to operate these sorts of instances so near the holidays. A lot of us, we’ve got children also,” explained Katekaru.

Police say they don’t have a history together with the household, at least. Neighbors say that the family just moved in a few months before, and the children became a regular sight.

“I have seen the little kids playing football out in the front lawn,” said Banner. “I never did see the daddy, I only watched the mom with the little kids, picking up them, taking them to football games.”

“I never watched the guy. Never,” said Albino. “I really believed she was one parent.”

Police still have not released their father and children’s names, and the situation remains under investigation.

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This story will be updated if more info becomes available.

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Can Better Manage Conferences

The Way Parents-At-Odds Can Better Handle Parent-Teacher Conferences

Maybe you’re divorced.

Maybe you and your partner butt heads during encounters. Here is how seasoned educators say you need to manage the circumstance.

Parent-teacher conventions aren’t exactly the most comfortable meetings. There you sit with your kid’s teacher, trying to suss out the seriousness of the situation: Why should you involved? What could be the problem? Is everything in order? Did your child make one a lot of booger jokes again?  It may be an awkward, stressful time — to you, your partner, and the teacher. And any teacher will inform you that the tension can be awakened to directed-by-Denis-Villeneuve-levels in case you and your partner have. Maybe you’re divorced. Maybe you’re in the midst of a separation. Maybe you have different parenting styles and ass heads in such situations. No matter the situation, you’re having difficulty in a circumstance where you will need to convey as a front — a scenario that’s not about you, but your child. We achieved to several seasoned teachers to ask them to approach a PTA meeting between parents-at-odds.

Email the Teacher Ahead of Time

Murray Suid, former educator

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Among the greatest things you can do in order to ready the teacher for the problems at hand is to email your child’s teacher ahead of time to allow them to know that the problem with your partner is strained, states Murray Suid, a former centre, high school, and school teacher of English, math and journalism (and writer of a series of books for teachers such as How to Teach Writing Without Going Crazy). “Strong feelings interfere with communication that is clear,” he adds. Focus on providing the teacher any essential information you think they have to have about your kid. In the event the student is struggling, ask something like “What special activities can you suggest so that I could help my child do better on your class?”

Prevent the Blame Game

Rebeca Venegas, Calibre Academy, chief

A conference is not the place to haggle over custody arrangements and child support payments. “Avoid blaming the other parent to what has or what hasn’t occurred. Function as a team.” Says Rebeca Venegas, principal of Calibre Academy at Surprise, Arizona.

With your child’s mother/father and everything going on between you, your child may be experiencing. Let the teacher be a window into how that’s manifesting at school. “They ought to be in contact with their children’s teacher to determine if they’re analyzing psychological issues or poor study habits through courses,” Venegas states.

Agree on a Shared Goal

Dr. Richard Horowitz, former educator and principal, and parenting coach

So as to stay on track, come to an agreement with the other party — regardless of how tough it sounds. You need to set a joint set of goals for what you need to escape the meeting, states Dr. Richard Horowitz, a former educator and family coach in Palm Harbor, Florida. And do not be bashful about enabling the teacher to keep everyone in line — basic school teachers specifically excel. “The teacher ought to be ready to remind the couple in case it gets out of hand to concentrate on the kid’s needs and also to ask each party what specifically they need to learn,” he states.

Go It Alone

Dr. William Lane, former teacher, secretary, and professor, and instructional consultant

Can you and your partner seem to illuminate any room you’re in together, rather than in a way that is good? One of you ought to stay home, suggests Dr. William Lane, a former educator and education consultant situated in Delaware. “If it’s causing this kind of firestorm, only need a parent go,” he states. The kicker is that the second parent has to agree to do anything the student parent and the teacher deem best for your student. A simpler route is sought by the child that is lest with the parent that was not present. “You can not have the child playing one parent from the other,” Lane says.

Keep Lists

Monica Rodriguez, school psychologist and educational consultant

Is your partner that is estranged lobbing barbs at you? Stay on job by sticking to a listing of questions and topics to strike, states Monica Rodriguez, a school psychologist in San Diego that has attended over 1,000 parent-teacher conventions. Additionally, nothing stops you in asking for a second meeting with the teacher if things go off the rails, or you did not get to everything. “Apply it to talk and subtract interventions or approaches to ameliorate the circumstance,” she states. At home, make sure every parent has another set of their student’s textbooks. This way, there is no justification for bypassing algebra assignments

Please Understand That This Is Not About You

Patricia Heller, former educator

“When parents are going through a rough patch or at the procedure for dividing, you, as the teacher, can sense it a mile away — that the vitriol is palpable,” says Heller, who spent 30 years teaching in the New York City public education program. “And it’s the most inappropriate, selfish energy to deliver to a seminar. Think to yourself until you arrive: Why is the behaviour for your own little one? These meetings aren’t about you. They are about your child and if you can not maintain the petty behaviour to a minimum you then need to either appear separately or tell the teacher beforehand what to expect.”

For Maintaining children caged Virginia mother indicted


Malista Ness-Hopkins of Mears, Virginia was indicted afterwards workers claimed to have discovered two toddlers. The toddlers were supposedly kept with lids screwed on the very top, the Delmarva reported.  

A worker asserted that it took 23 minutes to use a screwdriver to remove a few of the toddlers.  

Ness-Hopkins’ five children supposedly lived in filth, surrounded by lice and dirty diapers. The children were also covered in insect bites, social workers allege.  

“Outside, there was trash and debris. Inside, the odor was overwhelming. The kitchen was cluttered  with garbage and cockroaches were all around the floor,” investigator Meghann Patterson stated in court. “There clearly was rotted food in containers.”

Ness-Hopkins is free on bond because she awaits trial, the Delmarva Now reported.   Ness-Hopkins stated that she has been a stay at home mom for the previous 17 decades.  

The father of a number of Ness-Hopkins’ five childrendied last May, the newspaper reported.  

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Mother, 4 Kids killed in Oregon crash

SALEM, Ore. — Authorities say a mother and her four kids were murdered in a head-on crash near Salem by a drunken driver who has a previous conviction for driving while intoxicated.The two car crash happened at 4:41 p.m. Sunday if a Land Rover driven by Favian R.

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Horrific: Mother arrested for stabbing 4 Kids and their father, 1 Kid alive

LOGANVILLE, Georgia – Police near Atlanta, Georgia came to a scene that was catastrophic Thursday morning after reacting to a call.

If their mother opened the door they discovered her four children, all under the age of ten, together with their dad, stabbed to death.

A fifth child was rushed to the hospital with injuries that were serious, as well as the unimaginable emotional trauma of losing her loved ones.

Police say the mother is a defendant and they took her in for questioning.

Neighbors say the girl had been depressed over the recent death of her father, though officials haven’t released a motive.

A month neighbors told WSB-TV that the family was new to the area and had just transferred to the home from Illinois.

Neighbors also say   the mother may have remained with her deceased relatives for 24 hours prior to the crime has been reported, leading to her arrest.

“I don’t want anybody in this community to believe that we’ve got a angry man running around attempting to stab a person,” Gwinnett County Police Spokesman Michele Pihera informed WSB-TV.

Pihera says an adult female inside the home is the person who made the phone to 911, most likely the mother.

As police are still interviewing the girl, no charges are filed.

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Parents ‘Kid shame’ naughty Kids online

As any kids knows, children aren’t cute 24 hours each day and there are instances when they could leave you wanting to tear your hair out in frustration.   

However, fathers and some frazzled mothers from all over the globe have found a means to take care of the hassle of cleanup mark off the walls, or even the dreaded ‘poonami’, with a place of ‘child shaming’.  

These parents have proven the adage that if you did not laugh you’d cry by posting images of their children with a sign detailing their misdeeds on line, together with humorous results.  

1 kid and the family dog got into trouble when he ‘pooped on the rug’ in her area and she tried to ‘clean it up’.

The next baby was set on the virtual naughty step for drawing all over the kitchen in crayon, though a naughty child dumped pink glitter and paste all over her sleeping infant brother and the puppy because she wanted them to seem like princesses.  

Parents from around the globe have been placing their children on the virtual naughty step with child shaming posts  

It looked like this little boy will not be consuming any overseas objects in a Rush  

Terrible twosome! This pair do not seem 1 bit remorseful  

This kid is regretting being somewhat harsh towards his father   

This kid keeps their mother on her toes, but with that smile you couldn’t stay mad for long   

She seems like an angel, but you might not want to get near Diem  

The dog and maybe her infant brother needed to seem like princesses  

Mystery of the lost sock! No trip outside the house is complete for this young guy if he does not come home with one foot that is cold  

Clearly loves her dad so she just did not need him to leave the Home  

Like Hanna has mastered the art of ensuring that her mum never gets a moment’s peace it Looks  

Maya may be tiny, but she makes her existence felt  

You’re never too young to start working on this diva behavior  

This boy is going to be saving up with pocket cash for a Lengthy time  

Who has not wanted to transform into a smurf sooner or later in life?  

This little one doesn’t seem to pleased about tub time, but there was no other choice    

Double trouble! You have a good stock of cleansing products on this set round to hand  

Taking the blame! Once the puppy got up to mischief this little boy decided to take one  

It occurs to us now! A toddler and unique ‘wall art’ you never knew you needed go Together  

When you have a hand covered in ketchup that you need the surface that is closest available to wash on it  

No shame in that! This little boy is now showing promising preference

She is smiling now, but may repent that guarantee when she is older!

Surely this toddler Doesn’t need any help  

The dog may have gone hungry, but this girl does not seem too worried    

However hard you try, this youngster isn’t here for your manners  

You need to sit down and revel in your dinner? No way, Mother Nature. No way!

There are several advantages to this problem  

At least it does not seem like he’s eager to try it for a time    

This youngster’s mum might fancy some sleep, but that is not happening any time soon    

Besides making a Massive mess, this cheeky kid’s mother through they had walked on to the collection of a horror movie

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