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Helping Children Cope With a Parent’s Death

But parents can’t raise children. Faculties must encourage educators and parents in their efforts by increasing awareness and providing education and training.

There’s much research demonstrating the importance that endurance plays achievement. But as Ms. Sandberg correctly points out, it is a trait that has to be learned and fostered. We need to support further research on how we can help children become resilient.


The author is president and chief executive of the Brain &Behavior Research Foundation.

Sheryl Sandberg and I have been members of a team that nobody wishes to combine — the young widows club. I was 37 when my husband, Brett, died of brain cancer in 39, making me and our two1/2-twins supporting. My children don’t have any lasting memories of the father, but like Ms. Sandberg’s children, they find comfort in stories and rituals.

He was also visualized by them in a safe place — the sky. While attempting to make sense of the lack of the dad, my son, where the skies was, when asked, stated it was. I knew that he love all over him and believed that his dad’s presence.

Though my twins teens, have considerable amounts of endurance, compassion and compassion, I would not wish this loss on anyone. As Ms. Sandberg can say, just like their daddy.

The author is the author of a picture book for grieving children, “Because the Sky Is Everywhere.”

Recognizing the requirement for parental loss on children, the nonprofit Circle Camps for Grieving Children provides a free week of overnight camp to young women who have experienced the death of a parent. Circle Camps will sponsor over 300 grieving women at our programs from West Virginia, New Hampshire and Maine the summer.

Campers participate in camp activities and grief activities and live with volunteer counselors in bunks. Under the guidance of professionals that are licensed, share and this Circle week offers opportunities for campers to discuss their stories of loss. Program would be the spontaneous conversations — in the bunks, on walks down to the lake, during rest hour — which help campers feel supported and connected to one another.

The author is founder and executive director of Circle Camps.

A variant of the letter appears in print on May 1, 2017, on Page A22 of this New York variant with the headline: Helping Children Cope With a Parent’s Death.

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Mother Jailed For Choosing To Homeschool Children

At a shocking new report by WKBV, single mom Kiarre Harris was detained after yanking her children from public school to homeschool them.

She started researching homeschooling, saying that her two elementary school aged childrenn’t excelled at their failing Buffalo Public Schools, last November.   “I believed that the district had been failing my children and that’s when I made the choice to reopen,” she explained.

Harris says files filed in Buffalo City Hall, following the steps, informing the district for her intention. According to documents she provided to 7 Eyewitness News, they’re dated December 7th and the district states it received her paperwork.

“I spoke directly to the homeschool planner and she told me from that stage in my children were formally un-enrolled from school.”

Matters took a turn when she states a week later, Child Protective Services predicted, wondering why her children were not in school. She told them that her  children “were homeschooled now” and that she “could furnish the files” if needed.

Then she states she had been confronted by CPS workers and police, although thinking everything was fine, Harris says she went on with her homeschooling. According to Harris, they told that she had been arrested for obstruction, if she told them no and they had a court order.

She says her children haven’t been seen by her and they have been in a foster establishment. This story will be updated.

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