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Cesar Altieri Sayoc Family: Parents, Mother, Father, Wife

Cesar Altieri Sayoc is a registered Republican who didn’t live with his family.  He lived alone in his van which may be used to prove motive.

Cesar has a long criminal history.  The mugshot below is from 2002:

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Cesar Altieri Sayoc 2002 Mugshot
Cesar Altieri Sayoc 2002 Mugshot

Sayoc was not married.  The tweet below explains that the wife of one of his Cesar’s business partners claims that Cesar managed a male revue (theatrical entertainment) show:

Mr. Sayoc once worked as a manager for traveling “male revue shows,” according to the wife of one of Mr. Sayoc’s business partners.

— Linda Hill (@bulldoghill) October 26, 2018

Cesar Altieri Parents

According to The Washington Post, Cesar’s father, whose name is also Cesar Sayoc is an immigrant from the Philippines.  Cesar’s mother, Madeline Altieri was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Cesar experienced significant financial issues, leading him to file for bankruptcy.  At the time, he was living with his mother and stepfather.  Cesar moved into his van after his mother and stepfather kicked him out their house.

The tweet below reveals that Cesar’s grandmother, Viola Altieri, filed a domestic violence injunction against him in 1994:

“A woman named Viola Altieri filed a civil complaint against Sayoc for domestic violence in 1994. She later filed a request to dismiss the complaint.” [H/T to @Shaker_aphra]

— Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) October 26, 2018

The tweet below explains that Cesar’s father immigrated from the Philippines to the United States.  He was naturalized in Miami in 1970:

Sayoc fronted like he was Seminole But according to, Sayoc’s father immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines and was naturalized in 1970 in North Miami Beach

— David Smiley (@NewsbySmiley) October 26, 2018

Some believe that Cesar’s father actually immigrated to the United States in 1956:

FYI, Cesar Altieri Sayoc is NOT Native American. His father immigrated to US in 1956 from the Phillipines. His mother (Altieri maiden name) is an Italian American. Native American ruse may have started in 1980 while in college – in Brevard NC. He was born in Florida

— Julian Gordon (@Julianwgordon2) October 26, 2018

The following tweet appears to clarify the naturalization date:

I have Cesar Sayoc’s father of the same name as an immigrant from the Philippines. Naturalized in 1970. Mother US citizen met him in NY at cosmetology school. Here is the father’s 1965 statement of intention to be naturalized. @MSNBC @maddow @MaddowBlog @Lawrence

— Tim Hogan (@TimInHonolulu) October 26, 2018

The tweet below explains that Cesar found a father in President Donald Trump:

Family Attorney: Cesar Sayoc had history of mental issues, including alcohol & drug problems. Attended court ordered rehab with no positive results. No political interests until 2016, which became extremely far right. Says, “He found a father in Trump. Was not normal.”

— WarMonitor (@TheWarMonitor) October 27, 2018

Sayoc Family Name Origin

According to Ancestry, Altieri is an Italian name.  NBC News reports that Cesar Altieri Sayoc is part Italian and part Filipino.  The tweet below explains that based on the Sayoc last name, Cesar is likely of Filipino origin:

If his name is indeed Cesar Sayoc, he is likely of Phillipino origin.

— Dave Muir (@dgmuir) October 26, 2018

Cesar Altieri Sayoc Van

The video below provides a detailed look at Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s van:

The Naples Daily News reports that Cesar Sayoc’s lawyer called him a sick individual who was estranged from his family.  He van can be used as evidence that he was mentally ill yet it can also be used to prove Cesar’s motive for sending the bombs.

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Mother tells children their father cheated on her – 9Honey

Celia always wanted to tell her children the truth about her divorce, but her honesty backfired on her.

As told to Victoria Bright.

My marriage lasted twelve years and for most of that time I thought we were happy. But then he had an affair – the first of several. I forgave him the first and even the second but the third time, which was with a woman who was a family friend of ours, I just couldn’t forgive. So I left him and even though it’s been five years, I still feel very upset whenever I think about him.

We have two gorgeous sons, who were aged nine and 11, when Dave and I broke up.  I made a vow to myself that I would always be very dignified, and I never spoke badly of their father.  The most I’d ever say, when they asked me what happened in our marriage, was that he was a bit difficult to be married to at times and that when they’re older they’ll understand.

So when they were sixteen, they were asking more and more questions. This coincided with me meeting my new partner Andrew whom I’m now engaged to.  My sons had a bit of trouble getting used to the idea of having a man in my life because, since the divorce, I’ve rarely dated, and they’re just used to seeing me as a single mum.


Andrew is amazing and the boys tell me they like him, it’s just a lot of adjustment.  But having him around I believe is what has changed things pretty drastically and made the boys question why I’m re marrying and what happened with their father.  I decided to have a chat with the boys and tell them that their father gave me no choice – he had an affair with Mary, the woman he is now married to, and because he cheated on me, I left.

The boys seemed to understand and were both very sympathetic towards me.  One of my sons even said ‘I feel so sorry for you mum, it must have been really hard.’ So I thought they were on my side.


But then they took this information to their father. And I wasn’t prepared for what unfolded. They’d spent the weekend with their dad and my eldest had told him what I had told them about him cheating on me.   So what did my ex do? He hit back! Instead of admitting that he had treated me badly, he told my boys that I’d driven him away by my constant nagging and that I’d turned into a ‘nasty piece of work’ who was neglecting the kids. He also told them that I had a gambling problem which was ridiculous – I’d gone to the casino with friends as a one-off and won $500 but that’s as far as my ‘gambling problem’ ever went.

So I had to put up with my kids wanting an explanation for all of that! I didn’t want to get into a ‘he said/she said’ scenario but I sat the kids down and quietly explained that their father was saying mean things to get back at me for telling them the truth about himself and Mary’s affair (and I didn’t even mention the previous two affairs!) 

I also told them that they can choose whom they want to believe but that I swear on my ‘grandmother’s grave’ that I am telling them the absolute truth.  Maybe their dad will do the right thing one day and tell them that I was being honest. But, for now, it looks like they want to believe their father.

Madison Kocian Family Tree, Parents, Father, Mother, Age

Madison Kocian Family Tree, Parents, Father, Mother, Age is listed here. If you are looking for the best artistic gymnast, than let me introduce to the fabulous gymnast Madison Kocian. Madison is known for her mind blowing skills in the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam. In her early days of life, she was sent for the gymnastic training at the age of five by her parents, which was a good decision for her. When she reached 12 year, she elected for Top Gym junior competition in Charleroi, Belgium, where she won gold, silver and bronze medals.  After this tremendous achievement she never turned around and won a number of awards including World championships, Pan American Championships and many others. She is one of the best youngster athletes in the world, who don’t need any praise.

Madison Kocian Family:

Madison Kocian belongs to a famous family in United State. Her family proved backbone for her artistic gymnastic career. They are the best parents who helped their daughter to fulfill her dreams. She also has a younger brother who loves to play football. Her family is one of the best fans of Madison Kocian.

Madison Kocian Father:

Madison was born to Mr. Thomas Kocian in Dallas Texas. Her father is the best father in the world, who always makes her smile even when she doesn’t want to smile. Madison fulfills her father’s dream, as he wanted to see her daughter at 1st place. She is very friendly towards her father and loves him more than anyone. He is her 1st best friend who doesn’t let their friendship go.

Madison Kocian Mother:

Madison loves her mother Cindy Kocian, because she is the one who recognized her daughter’s talent in her early age and sent her to the gymnastic school. Cindy is very loving and caring mom, who took good care of her children. She feels lucky to have parents like them.

Madison Kocian Age:

Madison Kocian is most talented girl in United State. She is just 19 year old (in 2016) very talented girl, who earned notable fame for her talent. This versatile athlete was born on 15th June 1997 in Dallas Texas. She has recently celebrated her 19th birthday in 2016.

Children Inherit Intelligence From Their Mother, Not Their Father

A lot of fathers are going to hate this, but genetic research has found (people) probably get a log of intelligence from their X gene, the feminine one… The X chromosome has a thousand gene, and a bunch of them influence cognition. – Dr. Keith Witt

Until recently, it was generally accepted that both parents have a roughly equal influence on their child’s intelligence. However, it turns out – should this research be proven correct, that women have a much greater impact on the cognitive abilities of their child than men.

Now, it is important to understand that this research is very controversial. Most studies that claim to reveal the mysterious functioning of intelligence often evoke passionate debate. Relatedly, genetics is an extremely complex and multifaceted scientific arena. Studies are continuously being produced that seek to disavow, or seriously alter, any related study before it.

Regardless of the vigorous debate, it is beneficial to present (and interpret) these findings with an objective mind. If anything, this study is fascinatingly entertaining. Ultimately, this is our goal – to entertain. We hope that our readers find this study to be as intriguing as we have.

The Role of X and Y Chromosomes

Many people do not have much of a clue when it comes to genetics. As such, it’s beneficial to quickly go over a couple important facts. This will also make reading and understanding the remainder of this article much easier.

– A chromosome is a thread-like structure consisting of nucleic acids and protein. They carry genetic information.

– Every human being carries one pair of chromosomes in each cell.

– Females have two X chromosomes. Males have one X and one Y chromosome.

“Conditioned Genes”

Conditioned genes are gender specific in the most basic sense. In general, the genetic properties of conditioned genes are either activated or deactivated depending upon the specific designation and, subsequently, the genetic properties being influenced.

Conditioned genes inherently contain a “tagging” system, which is made up of biochemical material. This tagging system allows two important things: tracing to the gene’s point of origin and determine an activated or deactivated state within the body. Activated genes will influence genetic development, while deactivated genes will not.

To the second point, if an individual characteristic is influenced by the mother, the paternal genes are deactivated. Conversely, if an attribute is influenced via the father, the maternal genes are subsequently deactivated.

The mechanisms of conditioned genes form the basis of the intelligence study.

Cognition is thought to be mainly influenced by the X chromosome. Theoretically, women are more likely to influence cognition because they have two X chromosomes while men carry just one. Of course, there is much more to the theory that the number of X chromosomes.

This is where conditioned genes (remember?) comes into play. Intelligence is thought to be a highly-conditioned gene – a conditioned gene that comes directly from the mother.

In this study, scientists used genetically modified mice to test their hypothesis. They discovered embryonic test subjects that were administered predominantly maternal genetic material. They developed a disproportionately larger cranium and brain while developing a much smaller body. Subjects administered disproportionate amounts of paternal genetic material developed a larger body, but a smaller cranium and brain.

In addition to cranium and brain size, researchers were privy to some other interesting observations. First, they identified six areas of the brain that contained only maternal or paternal genes. Second, they did not find any paternal genetic material within the cerebral cortex – the area of the brain responsible for executive functioning, such as language, planning, logical reasoning, and advanced thinking.

The idea that mothers have a disproportionate influence on a child’s intelligence is not a new one. In 1984, the University of Cambridge studied both brain development (termed “co-evolution) and genomic conditioning. Cambridge sciences ultimately concluded that maternal genetics contribute more to the thought centers of the brain.

Fast-forward to today and similar findings have taken place, like the experiment described above.

In one particularly noteworthy study, researchers at a governmental agency in Scotland followed a group of 13000 people aged 14 to 22. Each year, researchers would interview the subjects while observing intellectual development while considering various factors, from education to ethnicity. The scientists conclusively state that the mother’s IQ was found to be the best predictor of intelligence.


Without a doubt, the findings of this and related studies pertaining to intelligence will continue to be evaluated and scrutinized. As mentioned, no scientific study that makes claims to the development of intellect will ever be fully accepted by all.

However, if there is one conclusion that can be reached it’s this: mothers have a significant influence on their children’s cognitive abilities.

And it isn’t just genetics, either. Far from it. Nourishment and nurturement of a child directly influence their intellectual growth – two responsibilities mainly overseen by the mother. Furthermore, the special bond between a mother and child provides stimulus for them to explore the world and navigate problems.

In conclusion, women play a much larger role to the intellectual development of children that can be understood by a genetics experiment. However, the findings of these and other studies seem to buttress the notion that our mom’s give us our brainpower.


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The Death of a Parent, Mother or Father, Affects Human Minds and Bodies

We all know that losing a loved one can cause an immense amount of grief, especially if over loses a parent.

If one has to go deeper, the amount and intensity of grief experienced would depend on a few things, like the following:

1. Equation shared with the parent

2. Psychological bent of mind

4. Cause of death

To explore this issue further, a survey was conducted in the 1970s with about 11,000 people – some orphans, some from disturbed homes and some from happy families. It was observed that the orphans grew up with a sense of incompleteness and the firm belief that life will never be as they wish, which is why they tend to be smokers.

It was found that orphans are more likely to suffer from mental illness. Another study was conducted from the point of view of children. It was noticed that the death of a parent has effects lasting as long as 70 years, and the child growing up without strong communication skills or a stable belief system within themselves. It should be noted that the death of a particular parent affects girls and boys differently. Boys tend to take their father’s death hard, and for girls, it’s their mother.

There has been a fair amount of brain imaging involved in this research and even though it is a highly technical approach to a very emotional thing, it provides valuable insight. It shows that grief affects the posterior cortex, frontal cortex, and the cerebellum. This provides sufficient explanation for the physical discomfort and issues when faced by grief, which includes nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness and so on.

When discussing grief, it would be remiss to not mention the 5 stage breakdown.

The first stage is denial, where the person in the face of grief due to some disaster refuses to accept that the said event has taken place at all.

The second stage is anger, where they hold others responsible for what happened and tends to be violent.

The following stage is bargaining– they try to make deals with whoever is watching upon us to reverse the situation for something in return.

The fourth stage is depression, where the person goes through extreme sadness and the final stage is acceptance, where they accept whatever has happened as it is and seeks to find peace with it.

There are a few ways to deal with grief and sadness and they will be listed below.

1. Interventions: Sometimes people refuse to accept help or even recognize their situation. In those cases, people close to the sufferer can arrange an intervention. It reminds the person that they are loved and cared for.

2. Counseling: Sometimes one needs professional help and there is nothing with that. You deserve to be happy.

3. Support groups: Sharing your problems with people going through the same issues helps more than one can possibly imagine. Talking about your grief helps in making peace with it.

4. Medication: People often attach a sort of taboo to medication, but there is nothing wrong with it.

5. Socialization: Being around people helps serotonin levels greatly. The love of friends and family has an uplifting effect on everyone.

6. Self-care: One has to take care of their own self at one point or the other. At the end of the day, you are the only person who understands you the best.

7. Spiritual healing: Spirituality is always a source of comfort for a large number of people.