Malista Ness-Hopkins of Mears, Virginia was indicted afterwards workers claimed to have discovered two toddlers. The toddlers were supposedly kept with lids screwed on the very top, the Delmarva reported.  

A worker asserted that it took 23 minutes to use a screwdriver to remove a few of the toddlers.  

Ness-Hopkins’ five children supposedly lived in filth, surrounded by lice and dirty diapers. The children were also covered in insect bites, social workers allege.  

“Outside, there was trash and debris. Inside, the odor was overwhelming. The kitchen was cluttered  with garbage and cockroaches were all around the floor,” investigator Meghann Patterson stated in court. “There clearly was rotted food in containers.”

Ness-Hopkins is free on bond because she awaits trial, the Delmarva Now reported.   Ness-Hopkins stated that she has been a stay at home mom for the previous 17 decades.  

The father of a number of Ness-Hopkins’ five childrendied last May, the newspaper reported.  

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