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‘Signing Day’ recognizes high school seniors starting jobs, not college | MNN – Mother Nature Network

The familiar high school rituals take place every spring. Athletes sign letters of intent to play for college programs as their coaches beam with pride, the photographs splashed across social media. Other high school seniors wave college acceptance letters as their names are announced at school assemblies.

But one school system in Virginia wanted to celebrate a different life-changing moment for the seniors who were starting careers right after graduation. In Henrico County, public school administrators held a ceremony in late March called “Career and Technical Letter-of-Intent Signing Day.”

“This is a celebration of students who are entering the workforce or post-secondary training with a plan,” said Mac Beaton, director of Henrico Schools’ Department of Career and Technical Education, in a Facebook post. “They’ve chosen to maximize their high school opportunities for career training and industry certifications, with an eye on becoming successful and financially secure much earlier in life.”

The students met with representatives from their future places of employment and both signed letters outlining what they would do before and during employment, as well as what training and compensatory benefits the employer would provide, and an estimate of the position’s overall value.

“Signing Day is a way of recognizing their hard work and the value of the career-preparation training they’ve received through Henrico Schools’ Career and Technical Education program,” Beaton said.

The impetus for the idea

Family members watch proudly as students meet with their future employers. (Photo: Henrico County Public Schools)

More than 5,000 students earn industry-based certifications in Henrico County each year, and that often means a job immediately upon graduation. For this first event, a dozen students were recognized as they signed letters of intent to work as apprentices or machinists for local and national companies.

Beaton said the idea for the recognition ceremony was rooted in a constant battle to show the importance of this kind of training.

“We’re always trying to figure out how to address the skills gap when the general mentality of parents is ‘I want my child to go to college,'” Beaton told Today Parents.

“One way to do this is to help them see the value of career and technical education,” he said. “When you start talking data that affects parents’ pocketbooks, that gets their attention.”

During the event, families and members of the media watched as students signed letters of intent. Just like athletes don caps representing their future teams, these students put on hats and other clothing representing the companies they would soon work for.

Lots of support

It may not get the same media attention, but Henrico County’s approach puts the focus on needed skills. (Photo: Henrico County Public Schools)

The event was a huge hit on social media, with fans praising the celebration.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen in years,” wrote Catherine DeAngelis. “It’s about time we celebrate the skilled workforce. We need to do that here, people need to see how important these students really are.”

Tricia Molloy agreed. “This is fabulous!! The world runs because of our tradesman and women. It’s wonderful to honor and celebrate those who join the trades.”

“College isn’t for everyone, so this is a wonderful way to support those who train vocationally for the workforce,” wrote Jean Mayo Campbell. “Maybe other districts will embrace this.”

Even “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe shared the school system’s post on his own Facebook page, commenting, “This is the way forward. No attempt to close the skills gap will ever succeed, until or unless we celebrate those who are willing to learn a skill that’s in demand. This is not just a terrific idea, it’s a model for every other technical school in the country … Here’s hoping others will follow Henrico’s lead.”

Mary Jo DiLonardo writes about everything from health to parenting — and anything that helps explain why her dog does what he does.

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‘Signing Day’ recognizes high school seniors starting jobs, not college
Virginia school system celebrates the students who are heading for careers instead of going to college.

Kerry Kennedy: What My Father, RFK, Means Today

Kennedy is the president of the nonprofit Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and author of the new book Robert F. Kennedy: Ripples of Hope.

Think of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson or Richard Nixon. Each, in his own way, is firmly set in a certain era of American history. Yet as vibrant as they were at the peak of their power and influence, none of these men could easily slip into the contemporary political world. Their leadership was unique to their time and place.

That does not ring true for my father, Robert F. Kennedy, who was killed 50 years ago. His appearance is ever modern: the shaggy hair, the skinny ties, the suit jacket off, the shirt sleeves rolled. Beyond appearances, what is striking about RFK are the themes he returned to again and again — themes that still energize the debate and resonate in our own time.

Think of the headlines over the past few years and it is easy to hear Robert Kennedy’s voice and imagine him speaking out in our country — on the madness of gun violence, the shame of police brutality, the need for compassion in welcoming immigrants and refugees, the urgent need to defy the call to war and, where war has broken out, the moral necessity of seeking peace. One imagines him urging us to focus not only on stopping terrorism but also on understanding and addressing its root causes. He would encourage us to focus on the destructive force of hate, the disillusionment of young people, the inherent injustice of a criminal-justice system that discriminates based on race and class and sends thousands to jail simply because they are too poor to make bail — the new Jim Crow. And it is easy to think of RFK reminding us of the duty to address the struggles of those who are not in the headlines, the most vulnerable among us: farmworkers, small farmers, factory workers, people who have seen the jobs that once supported them replaced by cheap labor or technology. He would also remember our duty to Native Americans and those suffering in the hollows of Appalachia, on the Mississippi Delta and in the most destitute slums of our great cities.

In the 1950s, he spent much of his time on the Senate Committee on Investigations fighting the excesses of its chair, Joe McCarthy, and his chief counsel, Roy Cohn — two figures who echo in the news today. He later caused Cohn’s resignation and led to the end of McCarthy’s reign of terror. Asked a decade later by Peter Maas how he could have worked for McCarthy, Kennedy responded, “Well, at the time, I thought there was a serious internal security threat to the United States … [and] Joe McCarthy seemed to be the only one doing anything about it. I was wrong.”

But to leave it at stopping the bullies would not do him justice. On that terrible night when he told a crowd in downtown Indianapolis that Martin Luther King Jr. had been murdered, he included in his remarks a quote from Aeschylus: “To tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of the world.” Indeed, my father focused much of his life taming the savageness, and he made gentle the life of the world.

There was no quality my father admired more than courage, save perhaps love. I remember after dinner one night he picked up the battered poetry book that was always somewhere by his side and read aloud Tennyson’s poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” We listened aghast to the story of a group of soldiers whose commanding officer orders them to ride into an ambush, knowing they will be slaughtered — yet they still obey the command. My father then explained that he and my mother were going on a trip and challenged us to a contest to see who could best memorize the poem while they were away. I did not win that contest _ my sister Courtney did — but one stanza still remains with me:

Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to do and die,

Into the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred

Why would a father ask his ever-expanding brood of what became 11 children to memorize a poem about war and slaughter? I think there were three reasons: He wanted to share with us his love of literature. He wanted us to embrace challenges that appear daunting. But most of all, he believed it was imperative for us to question authority, and to learn how those who fail that lesson do so at their own peril. Now, coming upon 50 years after Robert F. Kennedy’s last campaign, those are among the lessons I think he would have liked to impart to all Americans. We face daunting challenges both nationally and globally. But we must rise to those tasks armed with courage, faith, love and an abiding commitment to justice, yet girded with a healthy sense of skepticism.

Adapted from Robert F. Kennedy: Ripples of Hope by Kerry Kennedy (copyright 2018). Used with permission from Center Street, a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc.

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This appears in the June 11, 2018 issue of TIME.

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Thousands of migrant children were sexually abused in U.S. custody, HHS docs say – CBS News

Washington — Thousands of migrant children allegedly suffered sexual abuse while in U.S. government custody over the past four years, according to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) documents released Tuesday by Florida Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch. 

According to the documents, over a thousand allegations of sexual abuse against unaccompanied minors in HHS custody were reported to federal authorities each fiscal year since 2015. In total, between October 2014 and July 2018, 4,556 sexual abuse complaints were reported to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) — an agency within HHS in charge of caring for unaccompanied migrant minors. 

An additional 1,303 complaints were received by the Justice Department, but it’s unclear whether the complaints to ORR overlap with those reported to the Justice Department. 

The documents offer a fragmented portrayal of the allegations of sexual abuse. The overall numbers of the allegations reported to ORR do not reveal specific information about the perpetrator, who may be someone unknown to the child, another unaccompanied minor or a caregiver in a U.S. facility. On the other hand, the data of allegations reported to the Justice Department does provide specific information about who the alleged perpetrator was. 

The documents reveal that over the past four fiscal years, in 178 cases reported to the Justice Department, adult caregivers at U.S. facilities were reported to have sexually abused migrant minors. More specifically, there were 49 allegations of sexual abuse involving adult caregivers in U.S. facilities reported to the Justice Department in both fiscal years 2017 and 2018. 

“The gravity here is a systematic concealment of children being sexually abused, children being exposed to those kinds of acts,” Democratic California Rep. Lou Correa told CBS News Tuesday afternoon, as he left a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Trump administration’s family separation policy near the southwestern border. 

Correa said the government has the legal responsibility to prevent children under its custody from being abused or harmed and accused the Trump administration of a “systematic cover up.” The California Democrat said the government documented these allegations but failed to elevate them to the highest levels of the administration. It was only when House Democrats requested the documents in January that the government revealed the statistics, he added. 

“We’re supposed to have transparency, we’re supposed to work and make things better. If you make mistakes, you fess up to that and you move on,” Correa said. “But to cover up something like this — child abuse — is just beyond my imagination.”

One of the documents, which details the allegations of sexual abuse by adult facility staff during fiscal years 2015 and 2016, describes incidents in which unaccompanied minors reported they had been shown pornographic material, forcibly kissed, or inappropriately touched or fondled. Most of the accused facility members were immediately removed from duty and some cases were referred to law enforcement, according to the document. Some facility staff members were terminated, but others were reinstated. 

According to an ORR memorandum, the agency began collecting sexual abuse data on unaccompanied minors in its custody in October 2014. Per ORR policy, care providers have to report allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and retaliation against allegations no later than four hours after learning of the alleged incidents.

An HHS official told CBS News that, under agency policy, providers have have to report all allegations of sexual abuse to ORR, state and child protective services, the Office of Inspector General for HHS and the FBI. Additionally, the official said, providers must suspend employees accused of sexual abuse from duties that allow them access to minors.

In a statement to CBS News, HHS spokesperson Caitlin Oakley said background checks for all facility employees are mandatory and that the safety of migrant youth is the agency’s “top concern.”

“These are vulnerable children in difficult circumstances, and ORR fully understands its responsibility to ensure that each child is treated with the utmost care,” Oakley added. “When any allegations of abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect are made, they are taken seriously and ORR acts swiftly to investigate and respond.”

Correa, the California Democrat, said his party will continue to hold the administration accountable on these allegations. He said the House Judiciary Committee, which he is a member of, is actively “looking” at several questions left unanswered by the documents, including the disparity between the number of sexual abuse allegations reported to ORR and the number reported to the Justice Department.

“It is my hope that they understand that there’s a new sheriff in town — and oversight is not a joke,” Correa added. 

Barack Obama dons a Santa hat and hands out gifts in surprise visit to D.C. children’s hospital – The Washington Post

Columnist for The Reliable Source

Watch out, Santa: Former president Barack Obama is coming for your sleigh.

With a fluffy red cap and a bulging bag slung over his shoulder, Obama delivered presents (and more than a few gasps) to the young patients at Children’s National hospital in Northwest Washington on Wednesday.

First on Obama’s list was a group of patients 4 and up who were making snowflakes in one of the hospital’s playrooms. After the excitement died down, the former president handed out jigsaw puzzles (which were his grandmother’s favorite, he told the crowd), Hot Wheels sets, remote-control cars, and glittery nail polish, among other goodies collected by Obama and his staffers. Hey, the guy knows his audience.

“I know they will be talking about it for years to come,” said Kurt Newman, chief executive and president of Children’s National Health System. “At such a busy time of year, when no one wants to be in the hospital, his natural warmth lifted the spirits of those kids, their parents and of each staff member he met along the way.”

Obama takes a selfie with a patient at a Washington-area children’s hospital. (Courtesy of the Personal Office of President Barack Obama) (Chuck Kennedy)

Obama Claus also dropped by individual patient rooms for one-on-one visits with children and their parents. He gifted one 12-year-old patient who was nervous about heading to high school next year a piece of advice: “Even the cool kids don’t have it all figured out.”

Before leaving, Obama thanked the staff for working during the holidays and recorded a video message to be played on the hospital’s internal TV system for those he wasn’t able to visit during the trip.

Only a handful of the Children’s National staff knew that the president was coming to town, but word spread quickly during the 90-minute visit. By the time he was headed for the door, a crowd had gathered at a nearby nursing station. The group of doctors, residents and nurses cheered for Obama before busting into an impromptu rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

A crowd greets Obama on his Dec. 19 visit to Children’s National. (Courtesy of the Personal Office of President Barack Obama) (Chuck Kennedy)

Dear parents, you are being lied to. – Violent metaphors

In light of recent outbreaks of measles and other vaccine preventable illnesses, and the refusal of anti-vaccination advocates to acknowledge the problem, I thought it was past time for this post.

Dear parents,

You are being lied to. The people who claim to be acting in the best interests of your children are putting their health and even lives at risk.

They say that measles isn’t a deadly disease.
But it is.

They say that chickenpox isn’t that big of a deal.
But it can be.

They say that the flu isn’t dangerous.
But it is.

They say that whooping cough isn’t so bad for kids to get.
But it is.

They say that vaccines aren’t that effective at preventing disease.
But 3 million children’s lives are saved every year by vaccination, and 2 million die every year from vaccine-preventable illnesses.

They say that “natural infection” is better than vaccination.
But they’re wrong.

They say that vaccines haven’t been rigorously tested for safety.
But vaccines are subjected to a higher level of scrutiny than any other medicine. For example, this study tested the safety and effectiveness of the pneumococcal vaccine in more than 37,868 children.

They will say that doctors won’t admit there are any side effects to vaccines.
But the side effects are well known, and except in very rare cases quite mild.

They say that the MMR vaccine causes autism.
It doesn’t. (The question of whether vaccines cause autism has been investigated in study after study, and they all show overwhelming evidence that they don’t.)

They say that thimerosal in vaccines causes autism.
It doesn’t, and it hasn’t been in most vaccines since 2001 anyway.

They say that the aluminum in vaccines (an adjuvant, or component of the vaccine designed to enhance the body’s immune response) is harmful to children.
But children consume more aluminum in natural breast milk than they do in vaccines, and far higher levels of aluminum are needed to cause harm.

They say that the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (and/or the “vaccine court”) proves that vaccines are harmful.
It doesn’t.

They say that the normal vaccine schedule is too difficult for a child’s immune system to cope with.
It isn’t.

They say that if other people’s children are vaccinated, there’s no need for their children to get vaccinated.

This is one of the most despicable arguments I’ve ever heard. First of all, vaccines aren’t always 100% effective, so it is possible for a vaccinated child to still become infected if exposed to a disease. Worse, there are some people who can’t receive vaccinations, because they are immune deficient, or because they are allergic to some component. Those people depend upon herd immunity to protect them. People who choose not to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases are putting not only their own children at risk, but also other people’s children.

They say that ‘natural’, ‘alternative’ remedies are better than science-based medicine.
They aren’t.

The truth is that vaccines are one of our greatest public health achievements, and one of the most important things you can do to protect your child.

I can predict exactly the sort of response I will be getting from the anti-vaccine activists. Because they can’t argue effectively against the overwhelming scientific evidence about vaccines, they will say that I work for Big Pharma. (I don’t and never have). They will say that I’m not a scientist (I am), and that I’m an “Agent 666” (I don’t know what that is, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not one).

None of these things are true, but they are the reflexive response by the anti-vaccine activists because they have no facts to back up their position. On some level, deep down, they must understand this, and are afraid of the implications, so they attack the messenger.

Why are they lying to you? Some are doing it for profit, trying to sell their alternative remedies by making you afraid of science-based medicine. I’m sure that many others within the anti-vaccine movement have genuinely good intentions, and do honestly believe that vaccines are harmful. But as a certain astrophysicist recently said “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it”. In the case of vaccine truthers, this is not a good thing. Good intentions will not prevent microbes from infecting and harming people, and the message that vaccines are dangerous is having dire consequences. There are outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses now throughout the United States because of unvaccinated children.

In only one respect is my message the same as the anti-vaccine activists: Educate yourself. But while they mean “Read all these websites that support our position”, I suggest you should learn what the scientific community says. Learn how the immune system works. Go read about the history of disease before vaccines, and talk to older people who grew up when polio, measles, and other diseases couldn’t be prevented. Go read about how vaccines are developed, and how they work. Read about Andrew Wakefield, and how his paper that claimed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been withdrawn, and his medical license has been revoked. Read the numerous, huge studies that have explicitly examined whether autism is caused by the vaccine…and found nothing. (While you’re at it, read about the ongoing research to determine what IS the cause—or causes —of autism, which is not helped by people continuing to insist that vaccines cause it).

That may seem like a lot of work, and scientific papers can seem intimidating to read. But reading scientific articles is a skill that can be mastered. Here’s a great resource for evaluating medical information on the internet, and I wrote a guide for non-scientists on how to read and understand the scientific literature. You owe it to your children, and to yourself, to thoroughly investigate the issue. Don’t rely on what some stranger on the internet says (not even me!). Read the scientific studies that I linked to in this post for yourself, and talk to your pediatricians. Despite what the anti-vaccine community is telling you, you don’t need to be afraid of the vaccines. You should instead be afraid of what happens without them.

Edited to add: This video is an outstanding summary of many of these issues. I encourage you to watch it.

“Humans try to make sense of the world by seeing patterns. When they see a disease or condition that tends to appear around the time a child is a year or so old, as autism does, and that is also the age that kids get particular shots, they want to put those things together. Parents watch kids more carefully after they get shots. Sometimes they pick up on symptoms then. Just because two things happen at the same time doesn’t mean that one caused the other. This is why we need careful scientific studies.”

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When i lived in Minnesota, the state law literally defined anything you told your kids was practicing medicine without a license. So i’d see kids in T-SHIRTS AND LONG SHORTS (!!!!!) standing at a bus stop for 15 minutes or more in weather that was BELOW ZERO FAHRENHEIT!!!!
If their mother said – dress warmer or you’ll get a cold – practicing medicine without a license.

i am not telling you to not vaccinate you or your kids. i’m saying that there is no proof that it is safe and lots of indications that it isn’t anywhere nearly as effective as you claim, and therefore i choose to not do so – at all – and state emphatically no “authority” has any right to force any vaccinations upon anyone else. That is our human freedom, which cannot be imposed upon by even the Constitution – the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND – so it doesn’t matter if congress passes mandatory vax legislation. It doesn’t matter if the Prez puts out an Executive Order. It doesn’t matter at all if the Supreme Court Moron-jority makes some stupid ruling saying “govt” can do so. NONE of them have the authority to invalidate the constitution. Period. Such laws are legally null and void from the moment of signing, and the guys who WROTE the constitution and prevented the govt from over-ruling the constitution state that we can disobey those laws. T Jefferson stated it is your DUTY to disobey anti-constitutional laws.

The Geneva convention states that nobody can force ANY medical procedure upon you without YOUR INFORMED CONSENT. Doctors do not give parents informed consent. Try to get a vaccine insert the next time you (foolishly in my opinion) line up for a flu shot to reduce your immune system effectiveness. Go ahead – try to get a vaccine insert from him/her. Watch their hackles raise, their guilt and intimidation (taught in med school in lieu of information regarding ingredients, signs for adverse reactions to look for, how to fill out a VAERS report, etc)

The Nuremberg trials brought out these principles and echo that INFORMED CONSENT before any medical procedure. The UN agrees. The constitution gives NO authority over our health choices to the federal govt at all and in fact denies the fed govt any authority in this arena whatsoever. The State of California Constitution states very clearly in the patient’s rights section that for ANY medical procedure the patient must be provided full medical disclosure (think you have to specify that) and that they get time to read/understand the implications. The next section states that regardless of “how good the procedure is considered to be” that the patient can ALWAYS REFUSE ANY MEDICAL PROCEDURE – at all. So mandatory vax is not legal or more importantly – lawful – and like the fed constitution – the state legislature CANNOT LAWFULLY OVERRULE THE CONSTITUTION, NOR CAN THE COURTS, OR GOVERNOR – but they pretend that they can, and with the big $$$ of drug-pusher psychos and their almost ownership of the press – their story is the only one told.

So take your vaccines. i look at it as being somewhat like Darwinian pruning.i would truly be sorry if you or your children are one of those damaged by the vaccines – which is where most “anti-vaxxers” come from – but again that is your choice.

The people arguing here worship PubMed – and i did link one esteemed doctor who has been censored on PubMed for correcting an article which implied concepts regarding HPV which were erroneous. Ironically, one person most adamant about my using such sources as the only valid information in the world (apparently) stated that “proof” was in the cemeteries of my childhood region regarding all the kids killed with vaccines. Yet in conversations with many who grew up in the same area – very few of us knew anyone who was damaged or killed by the childhood diseases which your generations are trained to fear so vehemently. We never did fear them at all. They were a younger coming of age thing, and i appreciated getting out of school. i wished i could get them every year and was so disappointed….

So how do the cemeteries list measles death? Mumps death? Chicken pox death? Answer – they obviously don’t. It was just a dramatic, emotive, pointless statement. And while he may argue that he was “using logic” in that statement as i was, i fail to see the logic in falsely attributing death to childhood diseases to a level in which he/she practically insisted that my siblings and i DID see deaths and permanent injuries from childhood diseases. So magically he knows more about my life and 7 siblings than i do. Don’t you just love magic? It can do anything.

So here’s the difference btwn that “logic” (makes me see why they have to rely on PubMed with “logic” like that, lol) and what i’m seeing.

You “JABBERS” tell me that vaccines are safe. Yet there are no studies of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people sponsored by industry. Someone provided a link about 3 forevers ago, but i’m a little busy – but the CDC has stated that they have conducted no such study.

You have no study proving that mercury in vaccines is safe. (Don’t bring up Thorsen the felon – you will get shot down – and even the CDC admitted in front of congress the Thorsen studies were not good – then said they stood by “the body of work of the CDC regarding mercury”. Which is the two invalidated studies by Thorsen. Implied that mercury is safe from other, non-existent studies….

Despite the synergistic toxicity proven when other neurotoxins are combined with mercury to increase mercury toxicity by about 1,000 times – you have no studies about how neurotoxic and synergistic aluminum affect things. Or the squalene. Or the neurotoxic MSG. Or neurotoxic Polysorbate 80. These are compounds that people in laboratories have to wear personal protective gear for – to both prevent contamination of ingredients, but also so that they don’t get sick or killed by touching those things.

Then you inject them into your muscles – brilliant. All this toxicity – to make you HEALTHY, lol. Even live diseases sometimes. Then there is the problem of dosage. Say Paul (“Dr”) Offitt is 180 pounds. He gets the same dose as a 9 pound infant – which by body weight would be equivalent to Paulie boy getting 20 shots. If you have a 6 pound infant – that would be like Paul getting THIRTY shots. Then you figure that multiple shots are given…. No wonder he stormed off TV. He officiously stated that an infant could have 10,000 vaccines in one day and be perfectly healthy. Wow – about 5 liters – say half that for combined doses – in the muscles with poisons, toxic metals, adjuvants designed to KILL human cells (that’s why they “work” to make antigens increase,duh) diseases, and of course DNA to cause mutagenesis. All this to be more healthy….right. So here’s an article pointing out how getting infant dosage CORRECT would be virtually impossible. Can’t do it by body weight. Can’t just do it by age. Each individual is going to metabolize things differently and since the stuff in the shots is designed to be eliminated – the infant involved can have multiple times the expected rate of clearance and elimination – if it ever happens. (we know aluminum ends up settling in the brain…) Oh – this is a PDF

Then of course there is that neonate intensive care nurse in Redmond who quit because in the ward where she worked they insisted on giving the babies their “2 month shot” regardless of whether the baby came out at 3 months, 6 months, or whenever…

“I’ve sat in a room with our on-call staff of physicians and practitioners (when they say) “Oh wow, this is so embarrassing this 25 weeker never actually required a breathing tube and going on the vent after he was born, he was so strong. But we gave him his two month vaccinations and he got intubated last night ha ha, oops how embarrassing. The step-down units are calling the NICU’s and saying “hey we’re going to go ahead and give these four babies their two month shots today, make sure you have beds ready because we all know they’re going to have increased breathing difficulties, feeding and digestion difficulties, apnea, and bradycardia. This is what goes on.”

“All ELBW [extremely low-birth-weight] infants in the NICU had an increased incidence of sepsis evaluations and increased respiratory support and intubation after routine immunization.”

“The micro preemies can be born as much as four months early; two months they get their vaccines. We see them go off on their feeds, lethargic, fevers and it sets them back…and I don’t want to be a part of that anymore.”

Here’s an article from JAMA which brings out almost all her points…

But it’s lovely for a normal baby.

So you can shoot up all you want. i’ve seen and looked at enough of the “medical system” (disease management, control, and proliferation industry) to know that many of the standards of care are literally damaging. i think vaccines are an extension of that, and possibly a more damaging extension of all the medical arms. Is it as stupid as standing in front of an ionizing radiation machine and getting hit with carcinogenic radiation for a mammogram in the most radioactive sensitive part of human anatomy? Perhaps, perhaps not. Is it as dangerous as taking antacids for heartburn and GERDS.

i hope you and yours – and all the people here – have a good life, but i’m going to work on my fence project – go to town and get the needed fence hinge pins, i’ve already deleted over 40 emails, done an hour’s worth of my on-line Permaculture Design Course, Read from the Self Sufficient Farmstead book an hour or so after getting up and getting some firewood to take the chill off this morning. The other books i am rotating reading are the Anti-Federalist Papers, Mycorrhizal Planet, Test your soil with plants, and usually a “fluffy” book to disengage from the heavy societal stuff we get into here and elsewhere. i also have to wire the ceiling lights where i took out the bearing wall btwn the kitchen/DR so that we can put in more cabinets for needed storage (1943 house) and a pass-through. Already built the cabinets, need to do a couple more steps on the Drywall repairs, build the boxed beam around the lighting i hang over the counters, and of course keep the goats and hogs out of trouble…So i have another busy day in front of me – dammut. Need to turn the Berkely compost pile. A good cubic meter of compost that needs to be turned every two days to make compost in 18 days if you get the ingredients perfect. Mine usually takes a few days longer because there is no consistent nitrogen/carbon ratio on the animal bedding and deep chicken bedding…Gotta adjust on the fly. Plus put in low fence to keep the tiny hogs from going into the road, mow garden sections before i till the top two/three inches…

What the hell am i suffering here for? GO! Have a great day. Think i’m not likely to be back here – the JABBERS have done nothing to convince me that vaccines are good for me or society in general, and i’m not going to change your mind. i’ll take my life experience, permanent immunity (dream on buddy – you ain’t getting any) and generally healthy life into the future and work to help the planet instead of make it more toxic. That’s good for you in a minor way too.